ACON  has an innovative approach  directly geared toward partnering with district organizations that

bring effective, efficient solutions rapidly. Our professional cognitive services supply basic fundamentals and life skills techniques.  Acute Care of Nevada; being a cluster of professional wrap-around services are able to provide an array of opportunities to the low income, seniors, and uninsured populations.


We are a pro-active community development corporation that creates bonds between neighborhoods and resources.  We have developed a business module that provides community empowerment through communal awareness. 


We focus primarily on changing the health status of the patient over time. By working directly with patients; providing care, treatment,counseling and health education information. 

Trainings are also available for provider types; BST, PSR and PCA workers. 


Our services are appointment given by healthcare by our caring and professional providers. Patients can access any of the PCP that are within our community development database. We focus primarily to ensure that our healthcare system as an whole is sustainable and suitable for our patients.   


Our PCA (personal care assistants) assist with activities of daily living (ADL's)  and household duties essential to the patients health and comfort. Under the supervision of a registered professional nurse employed by a Medicaid Provider.


Home healthcare services are professional, caring and dedicated providers that bring quality medical care in the comfort and convenience of our patients home. Our services help elderly live more independently as long as possible.


We provide transportation services for individuals who qualify based off of the results of our case management assessment. If you need transportation services to healthcare related appointments, contact us TODAY!


Our psychiatrist  provides psychiatric consultation and medication management support. Experienced counselors render individualized compassionate outpatient treatment for eligible clients that benefit from medication management and counseling services. 


Internship opportunities  consist of hands on work station and duty assignment tasks toward the professional endeavor of each internship. We seek to give them the work experience they'l benefit from, along with receiiving assistance with the work load of day to day operation within the workplace.

Monday -  Friday     9:00 am -5:00 pm

2755 E. Desert Inn STE 180
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Tel 702. 765.5000

Fax 702. 765.5003


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